Helmut Lutter vor Kunstwerk

"I would like to lend familiar motifs with three-dimensional effects through my objects a new life, more power, delight, rage, beauty, aesthetics, radiance and colour," says Helmut Lutter. "Thus, one can experience and feel the figures in the meaning that they already have many times more intensively." Just as the film "Avatar" created through its three-dimensional quality a very special aura, the figures also obtain in and through Helmut Lutters art a physical presence that was denied them in their previous two-dimensional form.

Each of the often life-sized relief images is unique, made by hand in many hundreds of hours. Flat body sheet metal forms the basis, from which Helmut Lutter brings out the motifs with special tools until a relief sculpture is formed, impressed with the smallest details. Then he lacquers the relief images in many colours and finishes them perfectly with a high-gloss coating.



"I am a sculptor in metal, who can see a story in a piece of metal. I love art in every form and variation and am just as inspired by a comic book as by a work by Leonardo da Vinci. When I see something, that touches me, I imagine it that way in a piece of sheet metal. Subsequently, I work on it, until it is transformed into a 3-D-relief image, brilliantly lacquered and alive. I often work in my auto body shop, surrounded by small art works of the automobile industry and create there my artistic energy from the beauty of the forms and materials."



Helmut Lutter finds the ideas for his artwork mostly in film and advertising posters, in comic books and old magazines. He lends the two-dimensional heroes and figures depicted there a new, three-dimensional life through his art. Whether Batman or Shadowcat, Silver Surfer or Captain America, whether Karl Lagerfeld or Frank Ribéry, whether Donald Duck or the famous poster themes of Toulouse Lautrec. "Yes", says everyone when they look at the images. "I know that." And: "No! I have never seen it like that before."


Helmut Lutter, born in 1962, lives and works in Munich, where he, together with a partner, runs the auto body shop "Lutter & Schaffler". He has already been making his relief images for 25 years in his spare time in his studio "Helmut Lutter MetalArt". Helmut Lutters artistic talent already manifested itself during his school days. During his training in an old-timer and prototypes workshop, he recognized the attraction that three-dimensional forms exert over their observers and discovered the possibilities the material metal has to offer. The initial hobby turned into a passion. At present, Helmut Lutter dedicates almost every free minute to his art and surprises anew with his fascinating three-dimensional works."


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